Window to Reality by Janet Manalo

Window to Reality
~ Mixed Media on Paper ~ 20 x 26

Janet Manalo




Manipulated Realism

Inspired by Nature

Manipulated Abstracts
Inspired by Nature
About the Artist
Manipulated Realism
Inspired by Nature
Manipulated Abstracts
Inspired by 2 a.m. Muses
Manipulated Realism
Inspired by Humanity

Global Warming by Janet Manalo

Global Warming ~ Digital Collage on Canvas ~ 13 x 13

Midnight Tides by Janet Manalo

Midnight Tides ~ Acrylic on Canvas ~ 26 x 38

Hot Potato by Janet Manalo

Hot Potato
~ Digital Collage ~ 18 x 24

Hidden Garden by Janet Manalo

Hidden Garden
Acrylic on Layered Canvas ~20 x 27

Patwin's Grove by Janet Manalo

Patwin's Grove ~
Mixed Media on Wood ~ 14 x 26
Bowl of Grapes by Janet Manalo

Bowl of Grapes

Mixed Media Collage on Paper ~ 18 x 24

Elusive Dreams by Janet Manalo / poetry by Suzanne Bruce

Elusive Dreams
~ Mixed Media on Canvas ~ 18 x 24
Poetry by Suzanne Bruce
Homeland Security by Janet Manalo

Homeland Security ~ Collage on Paper ~ 22 x 22

Savanna-Reef by Janet Manalo

Savanna-Reef ~ Mixed Media on Wood ~ 16 x 34



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